Land assemblies, developments and

new constructions


Everything I have known and observed about Residential Project Marketing needs to be re-evaluated from bottom up. It is not enough to simply flood the social media with flashy online presentations describing a utopian lifestyle flowing seamlessly from buying a unit there.

The approaching obsolescence of those marketing methods was immensely sped up by COVID.

With masses of thinly qualified and less sophisticated Buyers permanently disappearing the Developers must be prepared for the much better informed and much more prepared Buyers in an oversupplied market place.

The new Buyer’s analytical, comprehensive approach must be met with matching quality marketing with less fluff and more substance to put the inquisitive mind of a new Buyer at ease regarding the potential governance and strata financial concerns beyond Completion.


If you are planning to market or buy new construction let’s connect and make it a substantial success.

As you may know, our city and community is changing. There is a lot of new Developments all around Greater Victoria with different type of  houses and prices. Probably, you always wondered how much the neighborhood can change within a few months as you drive around your neighborhood. 

Developers looking for potential development properties all the time. For this reason, I always encourage my clients `to take some time and investigate the potential of their property before we list it.  If you work with me, I will personally investigate the potential of your home and approach your neighbors, also talk to the Municipality and Planning Department to make sure we have all the relevant information a potential Buyer would want. At my own cost, I will prepare a Land Assembly package which I will send out to Developers and REALTORs ®.

A  land assembly refers to the joining of adjacent lots to make a larger parcel. With a constant decrease and demand  in the availability of developable land on Vancouver Island, many Municipalities and Developers are now looking to redevelop and increase density in what were traditionally low density single family home communities or redevelop existing medium density areas.

By selling a property as part of a land assembly, owners are able to demand a higher purchase price since their individual property is worth more to a Developer when combined with adjacent properties.

With all land assemblies, we need to take into consideration the following facts:

~  Intention of all the parties to sell;

~  How the individual properties will be treated, are there any special characteristics of some properties that                    demands special pricing, such as a corner lot;

~  Determination of a purchase price of each lot;

~  The Sellers’ preferred terms and conditions, Completion and Possession dates

~  The zoning Bylaws of the Municipality, the  Official Community Plan for the area

~  We will also have to make it attractive to the potential Buyers.

1. Higher value:

A bigger piece of land is worth more because it offers way more possibilities for Developers to work with. If you would try to sell your home individually, a Developer would pay less for the land value because their options are limited to low density developments. If you want to get a higher price for your home, you and your neighbors need to get together and discuss your next steps


2. Your decision:


You might be aware of what your current zoning is but do you know what is the future potential? If you think that your property has a greater value than just a Single Family Dwelling please contact me and I will be happy to chat with you about your home’s worth and prepare a Land Assembly Package for free with no obligation.