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Make your life easier Home Selling Guide

Simply relying on volume transaction approach may not bring the right results. I strive to fully understand my Clients' needs, wants and means to ensure long term satisfaction with the sale of your home. When you have made the decision of selling your home there is a few thing to consider. What’s your timeline? Where are you going to move? How about your financing? How can you prepare your home?

These are just a few among the most important questions we have to address before your home is ready to be listed. If you choose to work with me I will represent your best interest and I will make sure you get the best price possible with the most favorable terms for your home.

1. Find Out How Much Your Home Is Worth:

A Sellers’ greatest mistake is often overpricing their home. Keep your price in line with sold homes that have been identified in a Comparative Market Analysis report. Considering all the relevant market facts we will come up with a competitive price to capture a wide audience.


2. Get Your Home Ready for Sale:

Prepare your home for sale by cleaning and organizing and maybe improving the curb appeal. We might want to consider hiring a professional stager to stage your home which will make your home stand out. One consultation session with a professional stager is included in my services.

Make any necessary repairs. If you're selling a home where pets live, you might want to make temporary, alternate plans for them.

Remember, you only get one chance — and sometimes only 3 seconds or so — to make a great first impression so make it count.


3. Market Your Home:

I will hire a professional photographer who will make the best out of your home including a virtual 3D tour and a professional floorplan. We should then identify the sizzling selling points of your home and choose the best advertising words to sell it. My marketing campaign includes advertising on various websites and also in the print such as the Boulevard Magazine.  I will also place a few for sale signs around the neighborhood to capture all the driving and walking traffic.  I think the best way to bring your property to the next level is to create a separate website to showcase all the features you love about your home. Home buyers also appreciate all the marketing info sheets and print outs I leave at your home for all showings.

4. Show Your Home:

With your approval I will place a lockbox at your home to make showings easier for us and for the other agents. This way we will always know who showed your property and how much time they spent there. If your property is tenanted I will fully cooperate with the tenants and we will make sure they get proper notice of all showings and open houses.

I will also do a special REALTOR ® open house to introduce your property to other agents and get their feedback about your home and the listing price.

As your Listing Agent I won’t be able to represent a potential Buyer in this transaction and for this reason I work with host agents to do the open houses so we won’t miss out on any potential visitor who would like to make an offer and not currently working with an agent.


5. Receive Offers and Negotiate:

Be prepared that we might receive multiple offers depending on the market conditions and our home pricing.  Don't ignore any offer even if we receive an insulting "lowball" offer. Negotiate by making a counter offer with your terms and conditions.

When we receive an offer we will discuss all the terms and subjects in details so you understand every aspect of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. Then you have the option the accept the offer as is or counter back. When we have an accepted offer the Buyers will start their due diligence process. This could include a Home Inspection, an Appraisal, Oil Tank X-Ray… etc.

Sometimes the Home Inspector could find items which will require replacement or repairs. You don't ordinarily have to accept a buyer's request to make repairs, but he can cancel the contract if you don't. A buyer might accept a closing cost credit instead if you choose not to make repairs. You're entitled to a copy of the home inspection report if the buyer requests repairs.



6. Final steps:


When all the subjects are removed and the agreed upon deposit is payed, you have an unconditional offer and we just have to wait for the Completion and Possession of your home. Meanwhile, we will have to organizer the last steps, such as to see you lawyer, sign the necessary paperwork, schedule the movers…etc.

If you would like to work with an agent who devotes time to you and the promotion of your listing, who cares, who takes the extra steps to help Buyers' agents by providing extra information about your home, who makes sure you get the best possible deal I AM HERE FOR YOU!